Sunday Post Number Two

Godfather ipsum dolor sit amet. My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator. It’s not personal. It’s business. You can act like a man! Michael, you never told me you knew Johnny Fontane!

Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment. Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind. Friends and money – oil and water. I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them, as you can see. They talk when they should listen. Sonny, please don’t do anything. Please don’t do anything.

When they come… they come at what you love. It’s a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. What’s wrong with being a lawyer? In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. It’s an old habit. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.

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