Bosque del Apache, the crown jewel of the national Wildlife Refuge system, is located about 60 miles north of our location. A variety of birds, especially Sandhill Cranes and snow geese, spend time at the Bosque during migration season and Elephant Butte lies right along the migration path, making Cedar Cove RV Park and the surrounding area a prime birding location.

You’ll see all kinds of birds on the Cedar Cove grounds no matter what time of year you stay with us. We hope you’ll get to meet Waddles, our pet duck, in the pond near Cedar Cove.

Waddles the duck

In the winter we are visited by Bluejays, Orioles, and White Pelicans, along with several species of ducks. Canadian and Snow Geese stop through, and you may see hawks, herons, osprey, egrets and even eagles. Our area of New Mexico is home to more roadrunners than any other part of the state.

a quail near Cedar Cove RV Park in Elephant Butte New Mexico